GEOFRONTIER Sdn Bhd is a specialist civil and geotechnical solution provider with vast experiences and research background in Malaysia.


We are fully committed to provide sharp, value-added, buildable and safe ground engineering services with international standards to clients. We achieve synergy by combining the diverse expertise to offer a total service package that best meets the needs to our clients.



Our aim for rapid growth reply on the prime principles of our profession:

  • Provide technical expertise and high quality service
  • Serve clients with integrity and professionalism
  • Establish well responsiveness and reliability to meet deadlines
  • Provide innovative and cost-effective solutions

 We are fully focused on our clients and their interests. We maximize our involvement in any task entrusted to us. We benchmark our clients for best practices in design and construction and this continuously leads us to embrace learning and rapid growth. We take pride in our work and ensure every project reflects our personal best. We also have adequate established associates/contractors from overseas to jointly carry out research study and projects.